Monday, February 9, 2009


It is the most glorious summer morning. I can smell the scent of mock orange blossom wafting through the windows on the gentle breeze. The windchimes are softly dinging and donging. The garden is full of butterflies and birds. The wattle birds are feasting on the grevillia flowers and the firetail finches and fairy wrens are playing chasey through the hedge and bushes.

It's going to be a hot one today - 31 degrees. I'm so glad I'm not living in Victoria with their 46 degree heat and murderous, obliterating fires. Later I'll shut up the house and turn on the air conditioner hoping that I won't be causing actual bodily harm to anyone. It seems that not just one but two fat healthy (at the moment) Green Tree Frogs have decided that there's no better place to live than inside our airconditioner. We started out with just one but apparently it's so nice in there "the one" invited a friend. We have attempted to relocate them but given past experience I expect them to return today or tomorrow. The fan makes the most horrible clunking noise as they try to remove themselves from harm's way. Of course when that happens everyone dives for the off switch and the household goes into search and rescue mode. Then its -"Screwdriver"...(thunk).....(grunt, strain, stuggle)..."aha".... "plastic bowl" ...(thunk)....."perforated cover"... (clunk). Sigh of relief knowing that we not about to get splattered with pate de frog.

Maybe, if there is still a breeze this afternoon, I'll put up the hammock under the tree and doze - did I say what a glorious day it is?