Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mothers' Day

My boys, both big and small outdid themselves to show how very much I am loved and appreciated. 

Although very tired the night before and with my earnest wishes for him to sleep in, alas it was not to be - Little Tree was up at 5.45am. Sigh. (I did manage to get back  to bed a little later for a quiet cuppa.) He took great delight in opening my presents for me - a clay pot and flower he had made at kids' club and a lovely pair of bead earrings in just my colour which, of course, I had to wear all day (and probably will have to all week). 

Mr I cooked up a magnificent breakfast and by the time Grandmama arrived, midmorning, he was just pulling a batch of apple and cinnamon muffins out of the oven...... mmmmm.  Mr I packed up the car and drove us all out to Never Never Creek for morning tea.  Unfortunately, I lack the both the talent and vocabulary to do justice to the beauty, peace and serenity of this place so I'll have to make do with photos - very poor substitute for the real thing.

We returned home for an Indian banquet lunch which included my favourite dish of saag bhaji with lots of crispy pappadums.

I received a months worth of hugs and kisses from Little Tree. Those of you who know about autism will recognise just how special this is.

I hope all of you, mums and others had a lovely weekend and that someone close to you made you feel loved and appreciated.