Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Aftermath

Note the volume of debris high on the beach following king tide

We have been so lucky, so far/touch wood etc, not to have copped the flooding that has occurred in Queensland, Victoria and northern NSW.

Huon in driftwood cubby - built by persons unknown

Nevertherless, the power of water is amazing.  We visited one of our favourite beaches today - Hungry Head - and strewn high up the beach was masses of debris. A result of flood waters and a king tide.

Sitting on an example of the large pieces thrown up by the big seas

There were huge pieces of timber and logs - anybody wanting a bonfire for a beach party would have no shortage of fuel. We all had fun exploring the beach - me looking for interestingly shaped driftwood, Huon for shells and stones making sure he was "accidentally" knocked over by the surf (I knew I should have put in a change of clothes) and Ian watching out for photo opportunities.

Today is Ian's birthday and it has been a lovely unplanned, relaxed day. Huon helped make the birthday cake, which means all he really did was lick clean the beaters and bowl and remind me how many minutes were left on the timer!!! A simple salad and fish meal became bean salad, coleslaw and garden salad plus roast taties washed down with raspberry cordial and soda water followed a little later by coffee and birthday cake.

Huon with Grandad

The boys have now gone out to visit Grandma and Grandad for more birthday wishes and a swim.

Dinner will, no doubt, consist of leftovers (and possible another piece of chocolate cake!!!).

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Just thought I'd share some of our favourite ABC Kids songs.

Huon's favourite fruit is watermelon.

Huon does not like ants.......Especially in the house but he dances to this.

We have lots of snails in the garden, about which I have a similar opinion

This could apply to both of us (we pay Ian not to sing!!!!)

Hope this made you smile.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Flood Update

Floods are some ways. The feeling of community (always pretty strong here) is increased when we have a flood. There is a feeling of coziness, all being in the same boat together!!

Provided one's house is safe, the power stays on and there are no medical emergencies there is only the inconvenience of not being able to get to work or do one's shopping... ho hum. 

Even though the river floods every year, usually only once or twice, most people feel the need to go and have a look (some still in their pyjamas), take photos and be amazed at the change in the river overnight. The sheer volume of water required to change it from lovely serene river to fast flowing torrent is a bit mind boggling.

Anyway, a good excuse to watch one's fave DVDs and eat chocolate cake (um, what happened to that resolution?!!!)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Where did the sun go?

I love rain, especially summer rain, even if it goes on for days. Without it the days would be swelteringly hot and cloyingly humid, in other words - disgusting. So I'm feeling very grateful.

Thanks to La Nina we are having rain. Lots of rain. So much that Queensland is experiencing major flooding. Down here on the mid north coast of NSW we now have a flood warning on the Bellinger River with levels expecting to peak at around 2pm today.  At the level predicted the water will be lapping the deck of the bridge but all that depends on how much rainfall is flowing from the escarpment and how much rain falls this morning. Ian, who works on the other side of the bridge will be watching closely in case he needs to dash home early.

Looking at the south side of Lavenders Bridge

Before we moved, we did not really have to worry too much about flooding, being able to access the town's shops. Now that we are living over the bridge, flooding means we must pay more attention to river heights and predictions so that we can stock up on essential items like loo paper and Earl Grey tea in case we become isolated - we do still have the corner shop which includes a bottle shop (phew).

The upside of being cut off from the world is that there isn't much to do North Bello has quite a reputation for it's flood parties. Bring it on.