Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Flood Update

Floods are great....in some ways. The feeling of community (always pretty strong here) is increased when we have a flood. There is a feeling of coziness, all being in the same boat together!!

Provided one's house is safe, the power stays on and there are no medical emergencies there is only the inconvenience of not being able to get to work or do one's shopping... ho hum. 

Even though the river floods every year, usually only once or twice, most people feel the need to go and have a look (some still in their pyjamas), take photos and be amazed at the change in the river overnight. The sheer volume of water required to change it from lovely serene river to fast flowing torrent is a bit mind boggling.

Anyway, a good excuse to watch one's fave DVDs and eat chocolate cake (um, what happened to that resolution?!!!)


Griffin said...

Good grief! I'm shocked! You actually need an excuse to eat chocolate cake! That's terrible!! I am utterly shameless so have no need of such excuses. Isn't making and then breaking New Year's resolutions traditional? It is here in the UK.

Watching fave dvd's is good too. Or reading... or writing... or singing until your relatives surrender...!

Syren said...

The chocolate cake thing has history to it which I might write about later.

Yes, it's also a tradition here, quite possibly everywhere since human beings seem the same all over.

I think I'd run out of puff before my relatives surrendered - I am blessed with a good voice - of course I could always sing country and western at them, that would do the trick :D