Monday, January 10, 2011

Where did the sun go?

I love rain, especially summer rain, even if it goes on for days. Without it the days would be swelteringly hot and cloyingly humid, in other words - disgusting. So I'm feeling very grateful.

Thanks to La Nina we are having rain. Lots of rain. So much that Queensland is experiencing major flooding. Down here on the mid north coast of NSW we now have a flood warning on the Bellinger River with levels expecting to peak at around 2pm today.  At the level predicted the water will be lapping the deck of the bridge but all that depends on how much rainfall is flowing from the escarpment and how much rain falls this morning. Ian, who works on the other side of the bridge will be watching closely in case he needs to dash home early.

Looking at the south side of Lavenders Bridge

Before we moved, we did not really have to worry too much about flooding, being able to access the town's shops. Now that we are living over the bridge, flooding means we must pay more attention to river heights and predictions so that we can stock up on essential items like loo paper and Earl Grey tea in case we become isolated - we do still have the corner shop which includes a bottle shop (phew).

The upside of being cut off from the world is that there isn't much to do North Bello has quite a reputation for it's flood parties. Bring it on.


Griffin said...

Yes bring on the parties, but possibly not the advanced flooding!

The floods we had in the UK a few years back left filthy water washing through houses and damaged furniture and furnishings as well as a lot of very upset people.

But also be careful when crossing bridges that there isn't a troll under them, they don't mind a flood so long as someone tries to cross the bridge.

Will there be much of North Bello left after... all those parties?!

Syren said...

Yes, major flooding can stay away. I just checked the river heights and they show the river at 6m which means our bridge is under - no work for Ian today.

Queensland is really copping it. Been watching the news from Toowoomba which is on top of the ranges and Lockyer valley - 7 people have died and the damage and mess is unbelievable.

We are up high so we'd need a "noah's" flood for the house to be inundated.

Will watch out for trolls.

Re: parties - we'll have to wait and see ;)

Griffin said...

Well not having to go to work because of floods is an upside. It means being able to do other things more enjoyable... like er, building an ark for instance!

Six metres is horribly high. Do take care...planning which parties to go to!

Syren said...

Our house is up high so unless we have a "Noah's Flood Revisited" scenario we will be safe.

I'm really disappointed. I'm beginning to think all those stories of flood parties were just North Bello fibs to make South Bello jealous - or maybe it's just too soon after NYE and everyone is still partied out...maybe.