Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

This little door was created by a very clever lady, Sally  J Smith 

It reminds me of another door I came across a few years ago and their little film "A Knock at the Door". I have been interested in doors ever since. Where might this one lead, what treasures hide behind that one and what new friends may be waiting through there.

It is a perfect subject for NYE. Having survived an epic year, I find myself wondering if the coming year will bring relief or just more of same  - heaven forbid that it should be worse (let's not get on that train).

Do I bother to make any resolutions given my appalling record of keeping them and if so what should they be?  I could definitely be a better friend to my liver; cutting out the amount of cheese I eat, drinking more water etc. My heart would thank me for losing some weight and excercising more . My spirit could do with more meditation and what the buddhists would call "mindful living" although I think "mind-empty-of-rubbish living" might be more helpful.

But I think my resolution this year will be to do whatever I need to do to look after me on every level because it became quite clear this year that (and I know this should be obvious) if I don't I am unavailable to help, comfort or give to my family and friends - and I end up getting sick. So....I resolve to do all the above and be careful what I read and what I watch. I resolve to do my best to avoid vexatious people and situations. Most of all I resolve to do my best to accept what is and not beat myself up if I can't....... Here I sit with raised eyebrows and smirking. Well, we'll see.

2011 will see the Chinese year of the Rabbit and although I have not looked into what this may mean, I am hoping that being a Rabbit it may turn out to be a good one for me.

Having been very Syrencentric, let me now wish you all a very Happy New Year, may we all manage to keep our resolutions and may the coming year prove kind to us all.


Griffin said...

I have decided to invent absurd resolutions that are easily broken... to save time! Tho' I am of a mind with the cat... get a bigger basket... or sleep on top of a large dog/human/sofa.

I too am a Rabbit in the Chinese Astrology, but I am a Scorpio in the Western... a rabbit with a sting in the tail?! I've heard that it's not just the rabbit, but could also be the cat, which I much prefer.

I wouldn't say be careful what you read, just don't believe what you read without examining it very carefully. I much prefer to read things I disagree with because they make me think harder about what I do believe.

The balanced diet thing is something I struggle with too. I'm skinny and tall, but that's not because I'm ultra-healthy. Sigh, if only! I have a coeliac friend tho' who is a good cook and has to pay attention to what she eats, so I'm learning from her!

Syren said...

Thanks for dropping by Griffin. I must admit that so far I'm not doing so well with my resolutions but figure each new day is another chance to get it right. I haven't made time for meditation yet and I've watched a couple of things on TV that I really shouldn't have if I want to keep calm and happy. I'm definitely eating more healthily however that doesn't necessarily equate to losing weight!!!!
I like to think I'm old enough and hopefully wise enough not to believe something just because it's in print but.....
Good for you for reading things that stir up the questions and keep you thinking - makes for an interesting person.