Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lunar Eclipse

I know, I know - this is out of order however, given the year we've had it doesn't seem that inappropriate :)


Summer Solstice evening found us (who were interested enough) congregating on the hill above Hungry Head beach. For us it was a spur of the moment decision, for others it was an excuse for a picnic and meeting up with friends which turned out to be a meeting of more friends than expected!!! One very organised person even arranged to bring a telescope, he was certainly popular - especially with the children all lining up to take a look.

Information gleaned from the web suggested that the eclipse would be happening at moonrise but we were all wondering if we would see anything at all given the covering of light cloud on the horizon. Just in case we might be disappointed nature put on a spectacular sunset so, at the moment we should have been facing east, most of us were looking the other way.


The sun had set by the time we saw a hazy thin smile appear in the sky and as we watched the smile grew.

We did not stay to watch the complete unveiling of the full moon as Huon becomes extremely anxious in the dark so as we drove home we continued to watch and by the time we arrived home the moon was wearing a lopsided cap. As I went to bed she was beaming full, bright and gorgeous and I sat on the end of my bed watching her through opened windows serenaded by didgeridoo (next door), frogs, crickets and cicadas.


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