Monday, March 15, 2010

Moving House II

This week has been spent sorting and throwing out.  How can three people manage to accumulate so much stuff in under six years? 

Having to move to a smaller house has certainly made me look at all our things and seriously consider whether we want/need the particular item in question and whether we really can be bothered to lug it to the next place. So as we are clearly  not going to have another child (excluding one helluvan accident) I will be selling cot, playpen, portacot and child's desk that Little Tree has outgrown.

Mum has given us a stack of empty animal feed bags and we have filled all of them with rubbish to either be burned or go to the tip.  We have a couple of bags  several bags of clothes to go to op shops plus toys that are no longer interesting enough to play with. We were thinking of having a garage sale but have run out of time so I will be putting up a list on the notice boards in town and hoping that it all sells. And I am definitely not lugging them to the new house.

Since starting this post I have sorted through every cupboard and every drawer and thrown out so much it's obscene.  It feels fantastic to have pared down everything. It's now time to pack and I am now impatient to be on our way.

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