Friday, September 12, 2008


I dreamt of the Morrigan last night. I had asked them for help in banishing something. In the dream I asked them again. They scolded me saying "It is done" then when I attempted to thank and praise them they scoffed at me and told me "Praise is not required, we did for you, sister." while they held my face. I woke up feeling a little shaken to be called sister by these women. This is the first dealings I've had with The Morrigan, that I'm aware of anyway. I don't really know much about them, so I'll have to do some research and see if the stories match my impression of them.


Yvonne said...

Interesting that you experienced the Morrigan as a plurality rather than a single entity...

This is quite good: MorrĂ­gan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

syren said...

Thanks for that Yvonne. Perhaps in the dream Badb and Macha were present, although the only name that came through was The Morrigan and in the dream all three flew off. (shrug) Dreams do funny things. Maybe it wasn't the Morrigan at all but somehow my mind got hold of the name and thought it appropriate. Who knows! :) The other question of course is - what or who (I think it was a what) was being banished?
Thanks again for the link.