Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Wet Winter Solstice

I am grumpy today. It is raining again.

We were going to celebrate the Solstice today but with a house full of sick people, we will have to postpone it. Little Tree has a nasty cough and cold and Mr I has picked up a tummy bug from somewhere (let's hope he doesn't share it).

I have bought tickets to a film and feast night organised by our Local Food Network. The film is called "Grow Your Own" and sounds very entertaining. But first will be the feast made entirely of locally grown organic produce. Yum! Entertainment by a local band. So that will be my celebration.

This winter has been the wettest I've known here. We are meant to be in our dry season now. Yet the ground is soggy and squelchy as it has not had enough time to dry out from the floods and the air smells foul. The seedlings we put in months ago are struggling and many plants who have an aversion to wet feet have given up the ghost. Our terraced garden out the back resembles paddy fields and I'm sure everyone in this region would join me in shouting "We are sick of the rain". It must seem very unfair to other parts of Australia where they have been experiencing drought for years. To all those people in this area that are visualising abundance - STOP! Please.

In spite of my grumps, wherever you are, dear readers - I wish you an enjoyable solstice.

Blessings to you all.


PG said...

And to you too, it sounds as if ours is a little better weather wise than yours.

Sending dry thoughts from England.

Syren said...

Thank you PG. Your dry thoughts are very much appreciated.

d. moll, said...

LOL at first I thought what is talking about? Winter Solstice? SHould I correct her? make discreet inquiries? then realized you are in the other hemisphere. Hope every one has regained their health.

Syren said...

Thanks Diana. Unfortunately, the tummy bug continued through the family and we are only just through the other side. But we have blue skies and gorgeous sunshine to keep our spirits up.