Monday, June 1, 2009

First Day of Winter

This is what I like about Winter - the skeletal frames of unclothed trees, accessorised only by filigree seed chandeliers yet to be dislodged by the wind.
Winter greeted us with a shower of rain this morning and given the frequency of floods over the last months I started feeling a little paranoid. However, the clouds parted and for a little while - long enough to walk into the village shops and back again - we had lovely sunshine. So, in honour of Winter I have included a poem written by fellow blogger Mark Williams.

Charm for a garden at the end of Summer

This hop-lapped vessel
a green lion
fiercely prowls.

Man-legged, leaf-shanked one,
hear! Stride bone-shards,

repent your sway
of moss and fern.
Cast off your herb-pelt

and with your roar, shiver
this sealed alembic:
let outside in utterly.

Call pear and apple,
bid them bare their breasts
to wasp's bite. Call swallows

to stitch up the wounds
with thread of shadow. Call night,
call winnower, eat ashes

and underglow. Set down clay too
for you, death,
bread's sunbrowned echo.

Pigeon and blackbird, hush.
Hold the curved silence
you remember from the egg.

O blood, thicken in the vein
sink down. O root beneath,
sing for the frost lode.


PG said...

Oh, I get so confused by this! Not the lovely poem, but how you 'Down Under' have winter in I type, from a British summery, sunny day, you have frost and I am worried about whether the garden needs watering...and then it all goes the other way round. My head hurts just thinking about it!

Syren said...

I know what you mean. Christmas here does my head in. It's just totally wrong to have stinking hot days and carols about snow and winter - not to mention traditional Christmas dinners!!!

ANNA-LYS said...

even if You are living upside down ;-)
we are entering the summer here in the north.

Bo said...

Ta for quoting my poem!