Saturday, May 23, 2009

And Now For Something Entirely Different


Well, so much for my wishful thinking. It is still raining but the creek has receded. I've checked the Council website and we are still cut off in all directions. The river is now at moderate flooding levels rather than major and the radar shows that the rain should be clearing if somewhat reluctantly. We were still trying to wake up at 7.30 this morning when a helicopter (SES or RFS from the markings)landed in a clearing not far from here having made a couple of good sweeps over the area, no doubt assessing damage. The last two floods we were subjected to a barrage of media helicopters landing and taking off for days. But this time they are visiting Grafton, Lismore and Kempsey where flooding is a more infrequent occurrence.

We had planned to visit the local agricultural show so Little Tree could visit the baby animals, watch the wood chopping and the horse events but with all the flooding it has been cancelled. Luckily we had not put this event on his calendar before the flood warnings or we may have had some issues trying to explain the change in plans.

Our cat Shu-shu, or Shuey as Little Tree calls her, has the right idea - she's presently curled up on the bed. And spoilt cat that she is, I'm not going to disturb her by making the bed or trying to photograph her. So here are a couple of photos I took earlier - much earlier (note the sunshine). I never seem to be able to get a shot with her looking at the camera.

So another day of cooking and painting and singing practice - if Little Tree doesn't get too distressed. (The singing isn't bad, it's just loud!!)

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