Friday, May 22, 2009

Water, Water, Everywhere...

And you wouldn't want to drink it.

Here we go again. We are now experiencing our third major flood in as many months. So yet again Little Tree is home from school and Mr I came home early to avoid being stranded.

Please excuse the quality of the photos - they are from my phone as our camera has packed up.

Above is the small reserve at the bottom of our garden. The creek has clearly broken it's banks.

Right is the path that runs alongside the creek below the reserve.
Much to my surprise, we still have power. Very strong winds have accompanied this lot of rain and at this very moment I can see the weeping bamboo being whipped around and the trees bending and can hear the roar of the wind in the tree tops - I hope that if any trees come down they kindly miss the house.
Little Tree has amused himself with Thomas the Tank Engine and perusing the latest Thomas Yearbook and pointing out which engines, trucks or accessories he wants next. So far in order we have Diesel, Hector, "coaling plant", Oil Derrick and no doubt he will come up with a new request to add to the list before the end of the day. He has also been painting and listening to his favourite CD - Children's Christmas Carols!!!! Well, at least we are closer to the correct season for it.
Hopefully, we will wake up tomorrow and the wind will have dropped, the sky will be clear and sunny and we can start cleaning up the mess.....again.

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