Sunday, April 20, 2008

Here I am

Well here I am wondering where to start.
I have some peace at present. Mr I and Ancient Tree have gone out for a drive - it's school holidays and Ancient Tree has been getting quite bored - not being allowed to play outside in the rain. Where's the fun in that?!!! Mr I and I are also getting quite bored with Ancient Tree's imitation of various characters from "Shaun the Sheep" - birthday present which has been played ad infinitum.
Oh great! It seems we are to be subjected to the overly loud p.a. system from the nearby oval entertaining us with the questionably interesting goings on of this afternoon's football (rugby of some form) match. Rather it was Yvonne Kenny singing Handel - any Handel!!!! Time to shut the windows and doors and crank up the stereo.
Yesterday's rehearsal of Mozart's Mass in C Major 'in honorem Sancitssimae Trinitatis' left me exhausted. With only one rehearsal to go before performance we should not be having to help people who still have not learned the work properly. Who was it said "The difference between an amateur and a professional is that an amateur practices until they get it right a professional practices until they can't get it wrong." ? I hope our audience won't be expecting anything close to a professional performance. Well I did it for the experience of choral singing - I've learnt my lesson. I'll stick with solo or ensemble work from now on. One person who will sound superb is Renate Turrini. We are also performing Beethoven's Chorale Fantasy. I only wish we'd been able to sing it in German as the English is execrable.

That's it for now. Mr I and Ancient Tree are home.


Yvonne said...

I really dislike English translations of opera and choral works - much better in the original language.

syren said...

Couldn't agree more. So much feeling and meaning of the lanaguage can be lost in trying to fit the translation to the music. To be honest, I've never found that it takes much more effort to learn a piece or work in Italian/French/German/Latin. I only have school girl knowledge of French and German so I use a word for word translation to help with dynamics. A good language coach is also great help. Thanks for your comments.