Thursday, April 24, 2008

Talking of Dreams....

Last night I had another of those dreams.
I was in a first floor apartment, the window open to a warm balmy evening.The type of windows that are hinged at the side and open outward, no wind out mechanisms, no sash windows. No fly/mozzie screens on the windows either, so obviously I was not in Australia!!!! On the wide treed and grassy strip down the middle of the road a jazz band was playing and there is some kind of celebration going on. Party lights twinkled in the trees and the old gas style street lights were on. I was packing for a holiday/journey.
I am doing a favour for an old boss (a lifetime ago) working in the office at the golf club. Ony the office in the dream isn't the office in reality (of course not!!!). Next thing I'm back in my real job (only it isn't) with artwork and papers strewn over a huge table in front of me and I'm ringing my old boss to see how he's doing and he says "Your duties are here" to which I reply "I have a job already". Then I'm back at the golf club office which isn't the office and I'm peering through the window and there is a bedroom in there all neat and clean with pink linen and lace, an antique dressing table and a white cot (empty) and I thought how weird that someone was living there (even though no one was around). So I walk back along the verandah and I see Ancient Tree waving at me through the window of the clubhouse, big smile on his face. I go to him and we hug and laugh.
Next scene, I am revisiting a place where I am well known and everyone has come out to say hello including the whole Court, complete in medieval costume and jewellry (yes, well, hmmm....). During my stay there, after someone commented that the prince and one of his friends look alike, I realise with a shock that they share parentage - when they shouldn't (gasp, tut tut).
Then I am in a room off the side of an old stone church used by Rotary (what the .....?) I am given a prophecy card (huh?) by the president of the local Rotary club where I actually live.( I should mention that I am not a member of Rotary but do know they have a four point ethical code something about truth and service and I know the president through the local steiner child care centre.) At first the black scrawl on the card means nothing and I say I'm going to need a book to translate it but as I look at it the writing becomes English though not written in straight lines and not in even handwriting. Along and aroung the edge there is writing saying that a knight will discover a threat to Australia and the name Tsvangarai is written and I think - what the hell has Tsvangarai got to do with Australia?!!!! [You tell me].
Anyway, next thing I know I am getting ready to embark on the boat home or onwards, not sure which. This boat is a wooden river boat. Again the whole Court is there to farewell me. I am standing aside with a a person who is a member of the Court but not - a fringe dweller like a jester might be (?in this world but not of this world). This person is non gender specific but I think of them as him but there seems to be some confusion. This person takes off their amulet/badge of office and places it over my head. It seems to have a druidic symbol on it. At one point in gets stuck on my hair but eventually is placed round my neck. I feel honoured and humbled. I hug this person and weep and weep and weep. I ask when I will see him again and am told "not till your death." After which I walk to the boat and.....wake up!!! (Damn)
Wouldn't it be great to be given episode two the following night? Never seems to happen though.

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