Monday, April 21, 2008

Why argent?
Not too long ago I had a dream. (Mr I, who never remembers his dreams, loves to hear about mine, they are always so weird and quite often wonderfully mythic and epic in nature.) This particular dream centred around the question of "who am I?" To cut a long story short, a "guide", for want of a better word, I cringe at the thought of using "angel" with its sickly sweet new age insinuations, told me I was looking in the wrong way or to the wrong people and proceeded to place before me list of words, of which, the only word I could remember on waking was argent, a word hitherto unknown to me. Naturally I made straight to the dictionary to see if the word actually existed (you never know with dreams!!!) and lo.....
argent: Heraldry silver; silvery white. I just wish I could remember what else was written on that list!!!
In what way that partly answers my question.....I tell you when I know.

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